A Letter to Chase: On Your 8th Birthday

The force is definitely strong with this one. 

Chase, you never cease to amaze me. About six months ago you started playing guitar. Two months later you were playing in front of over 150 kids in your school's first grade talent show. Who does that?!? Yet you pulled it off.  Almost every day you practice for 30 minutes and it is fun to watch you bring the dogs into your bedroom so that you can play for them. Zoey and Chloe love being your audience. 

The other day your guitar teacher was talking to Jackson's drum teacher and they were telling each other how amazing you are both doing and how much fun it is to watch you guys rapidly improve. I was such a proud dad overhearing this conversation. They think you two will be the next Van Halen. 

I'm glad they didn't say David Lee Roth. Just remember who paid for all those lessons.  


Like I've told you many times, Jesus said, "To whom much is given, much is expected." And he has given you a lot! You have a great mind for study (you probably already know math and science better than I do). You have a knack for learning how to do things quickly. The most recent example of this was on our summer vacation at a lake house you threw on some water skis and got up on the very first time. 

I also love the adventurous spirit that you have developed -- even in the area of food. You didn't used to want to taste anything new or you would fight it. Now you are always asking to try things off of our plates which is a blessing and a curse since you ate about 1/2 of my meal at PF Changs last night. 

I love the man you are becoming, Chase. We are starting to have real man-to-man conversations and I see your mind processing so much. With so much God-given ability and potential I have no doubt that He has big plans for you. So whether you travel the world as an accomplished guitar player, a food blogger, an architect, a scientist, a Disney Imagineer,  a water skier or a combination of all of those things ... whatever you do ... do it for His Glory and not for your own. 

Love, Dad

Back home from his latest world tour, here's Chase waiting for his Uber Black.  

Back home from his latest world tour, here's Chase waiting for his Uber Black.